Missionaries of Mary Immaculate (MMI)

East African Province



This parish of St. John the Apostle and Evangelist began its journey as a substation in 2004, bearing the name of St. Peter the Apostle under the Precious Blood parish – Tegeta with only five (5) Small Christian Communities each consisting fifteen to twenty (15-20) families. The faithful gathered on every Sunday by themselves to pray under a cashew nut tree without any priest’s assistance. After having realized the need to have the Holy Mass the faithful approached the fathers in the nearby Precious Blood parish asking for Holy Mass on Sundays. Having seen the faith of the people the fathers started to offer Holy Mass for the faithful under the cashew nut tree for a while. When realizing that they needed a place of worship especially during the rainy seasons, they constructed a temporary shed with iron sheets as their chapel. In the year 2006 the number of faithful increased; now there were eleven (11) Small Christian Communities. At this time the leaders realised the need for building a church building at the same place where they were praying. The faithful started to build the church in 2006. The number of Catholic families started to increase day by day and the construction of the church building also was going on hand in hand, but with only a portion of offerings, because as substation it had to contribute the major portion of the offerings to the parish.


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