Missionaries of Mary Immaculate (MMI)

East African Province

Our spirituality
"Word of God is the center of Our Life" We march towards the father’s kingdom where everyone welcomes the gospel, which radiates the warmth of the light of Christ and the joy of the people who are evangelized. This , we bring to humanity through an un-interrupted process of new evangelization. The Evangelical vow brings us closer to the spirit of the society.
Poverty :"THE WORLD PROMISES YOU COMFORT, BUT YOU WERE NOT MADE FOR COMFORT. YOU WERE MADE FOR GREATNESS"  By our vow of Poverty we commit ourselves to hold our goods in common
Obedience :
By our vow of obedience we commit ourselves to adhere faithfully to the decisions of those in authority in MMI according to the constitutions; we owe obedience to the local bishop to whom we serve as well.
By our vow of Celibacy, we commit ourselves to seek union with god and Jesus’ call to radical discipleship for the sake of the kingdom.the celibate commitment means a consecration to God by which a priest ‘adheres more easily to Christ with an undivided heart.


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